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Pottery, Glass, Parties, Events-- if you can Think it, you can Make it, and you're Gonna Love it!

Paint Your Own Pottery

Paint Your Own Pottery

All ages and abilities are welcome– you don’t need to be an artist, but you’ll feel like one when you leave!

Choose a piece, get your paint on, turn in your piece for firing, and pick it up in one week!

Cost covers all time, materials, firing, and glazing

We’re All Inclusive!

Prices vary and include all time, materials, firing, and glazing– everything except tax!

Most painters tend to choose something between $20-35. Platters and larger pieces start at around $40. Our ornaments start at $10.

Stock changes frequently so stop by often or check our Facebook Page to see what’s new!

Think it. Paint it. Love it!

1. Choose a ceramic piece from our great selection–both functional and fun!

2. Get the low down on how it all works from our friendly staff and paint to your heart’s content!

3. Leave your piece with us for a week for glazing and firing, then come pick up!

Not sure what to create? We’ve got tons of samples, technique examples, idea books, and more to inspire you!

Stop in today to unleash your inner artist!

All glazes are 100% non-toxic and washable, so smocks are not needed. After firing, your finished piece will be completely food safe and functional. To preserve your piece for years to come, The Pottery Stop recommends handwashing.

Glass Fusion

Glass Fusion

A brand new way to great creative!

Create a gorgeous fused glass project– bowls, plates, jewelry, votive holders and more!

Recommended for ages 8 and up. Projects are ready in 1-2 weeks.

Projects range from $20-65

Choose your base, build your design, and then we’ll fuse it into one layer. Projects can then be formed into shapes with molds and a second firing. 

Glass Jewelry is available in two styles: Free Form pendants and Dichroic

Pricing for jewelry depends on style and size.

Think it. Build it. Melt it!

1. Choose a glass base from our variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Then decide if you’d like a flat piece (plaque or trivet) or a formed piece (bowl, candle holder, etc.)

2. Get the low down on how it all works from our friendly staff.

3. Choose your colors and build your design on your base with our glass Bits and Bobs.

Nip glass shapes or use our Finger Friendly glass!

4. Leave your piece with us for a week (flat) or 10 days (formed)

5. Pick up your project and admire your talent!

Stop in today to unleash your inner artist!

Full Coffee Bar

Lattes, Smoothies, and More!

We have a full coffee bar full of yummy treats to keep you energized and caffeinated while you create.

We have some light snacks available and you are welcome to bring munchies, too.

BYOB in the evenings as well! 🙂

Glass Painting

Glass Painting

We now offer Wine Glass and Pint Glass painting!

Stop by to paint a unique gift and take it home the SAME DAY–

You’ll bake the glass in your oven at home to set the paint!

We’re All Inclusive!

Glass painting is $20 per glass.

Think it. Paint it. Love it!

1. Choose a glass to paint– we have wine and pub glasses

2. Get the low down on how it all works from our friendly staff.

3. Choose your colors paint your design with our special oven curing glass paints

4. Take your piece home with you that day, let dry over night,

and then bake in your home oven! Makes the perfect last minute gift!

Stop in today to unleash your inner artist!



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